The problem with attaching a label to a person, is that we often see the label before the person. We forget the uniqueness of that individual and their own place in the world. We reduce them to either ‘like us’ or ‘not like us’.


Abortion, a mother’s right?

Abortion is an area that we can look at and see extremes. We believe some people are 100% in favour of it in all circumstances, and we see some opposed on grounds. In reality, most people probably sit in the middle, perhaps leaning slightly to one side. I’d suspect the majority believe it acceptable in some circumstances.

Our terminology can make a big difference to what we believe, and what we’d like others to believe we believe. If someone says ‘so you’re opposed to women’s rights?’ people are more likely to see only the mother and her rights and freedoms. Who would want to stand in the way of women after so many years of oppression they’ve faced?

On the other hand, if someone asked ‘so you support murdering babies’? the tone has immediately changed. Two words have touched very deep nerves. How can the words ‘murder’ (associated with evil) be in the same sentence as ‘babies’ (a picture of innocence)? Surely no reasonable person would support that.

I apologise if I’ve misled anyone at the start of this post, but that is what abortion is. Before you decide I’m just an uneducated man stepping on women’s rights, please bear with me.

Firstly, abortion isn’t a new practice, it has nothing to do with feminism and its opposition is not an opposition to the rights of women. Opposing abortion is to value the life of a baby growing inside their mother. Our modern society and our doctors are aware of this great evil that happens thousands of times a day. Note I do not call the mothers evil, I say the practice of abortion is evil.

This is why you will never hear the word ‘baby’ associated with abortion. Never. The name changes to ‘pregnancy tissue’ (Marie Stopes) or just ‘pregnancy’ (NHS) in order to deceive mothers.

Other times those same organisations will refer to ‘baby’, but only in a different context.

The abortion practice itself is barbaric. I won’t go into detail here but it can be looked up easily.

May light fill the earth, to enter the hearts of all people. May we value the womb, whether the seed rooting in the ground, or the unborn baby waiting. May the darkness of the womb be a place of shelter and refuge, where no one dare disturb the shining light of divinity.’

New blog

I used to blog some years ago.  Made a few lasting friendships.  I’ll share my journey with Druidry here and thoughts on life in general.  Plus maybe some of my photography.

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